Corey Colapinto

Corey Colapinto

Last board you shaped?

A 7'7 twin fish noserider. I've been adding some extra tail rocker to help it lift through the noserides.

Favorite surf trip destination?

Mexico, so many waves and wide open land to explore.

Best spot for a burrito?

Primo foods. It’s a new spot in San Clemente and has the real Mexican feel.

Best pre-surf song?

I have been listening to some sweet reggae tunes from Solomon Jabby.

Dawn patrol or evening glass off?

Evening glass is the best if it happens. Dawn patrols are more consistent though!

If you could only surf one spot the rest of your life where would it be?

Cloudbreak is a pretty awesome wave I wouldn't mind getting to know it some more.

Corey Colapinto - Blue - Captain Fin Co.

Corey's new single fin, perfect for noseriding